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Valve in Steel Industry

As the basic industry for national economy and people’s livelihood, the steel industry has higher requirement on the performance of the dedusting system. Generally, the frequently used dust conveying valve for baghouse system of blast furnace gas has short service life due to the bad working condition containing much metal dust.

Because there are particle impurities like pulverized coal, slag and flyash with high hardness existing in the medium, the sealed junction of the valve seat and the valve bonnet will be damaged. Under severe conditions, the valve body may be fully damaged. The leaked dust and gas will cause serious influence to the environment and production.

The inner cavity of our abrasive resistant half ball valve is painted with tungsten carbide. The longer service life makes it suitable for the gas-solid medium.

Application Project

  • Dust removal system for
    steel plants
  • Dust removal system for
    steel plants
  • Coal powder injection
    system for steel plants

Recommended Product
Abrasive resistant half ball valve-Dedusting system of baghouse system for blast furnace gas.