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Our Patents

Currently, our company has been granted 25 patents. The followings are some of our patents.

Utility Model Patent for Y Pattern Globe Valve for Slurry Control

The development of Y pattern globe valve for slurry control breaks through the conventional structure of the product with better sealing performance.

Utility Model Patent for Half Ball Valve for Molten Salt

The groundbreaking development of the molten salt half ball valve successfully realizes the application of the product in the molten salt furnace pipeline in alumina industry.

Utility Model Patent for Half Ball Valve for Concentric V Pattern Control Valve with Ceramic Lining

This range of product has been developed to ceramic V pattern ball valve with optimal abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance. The regulation performance realizes the application of the engineering ceramics in valve production.

Utility Model Patent for Preheating Angle Type Globe Valve for Molten Salt

The product has been exported to Iran successfully.

Utility Model Patent for Cemented Carbide Energy Saving Half Ball Valve

Sealed with cemented carbide, this ball valve is specially developed for energy conservation. With good sealing performance and abrasion resistance, the operation torque of the half ball valve is 30% less than that of the unimproved.


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