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Valve in Electric Power Industry

As the one of the important industries concerning the livelihood of human-beings, energy consumption and environmental pollution of the power plant has been a focus of concern for global enterprises. Owing professional production and management team, Quanshun can manufacture customized valves for the systems in power plant, such as boiler system, steam and water system, dust transportation system and desulfurization system.

1. Pressure and temperature relief valve
The pressure and temperature relief valve is mainly used on the boiler system. After treatment, the secondary steam can meet the requirement for production. Moreover, comprehensive utilization of the secondary steam can be realized, which realize cyclic utilization and energy conservation.

2. Control valve
The control valve is particularly manufactured for steam and water system in power plant. Through adjustment, pressure and flow of the medium are suitable for production. Safe and reliable, the outstanding regulation performance
leads to noise reduction during production.

3. Ceramic double disc gate valve and pneumatic ceramic rotary gate valve
The pneumatic dust conveying system of the feed pump adopts dense phase pneumatic dust transportation device. The air pressure of the system shall be 0.7MPa. There is feed valve and dump valve provided for the conveying device.

The feed valve, which is installed at the top of the vessel type pump, will open and close frequently. So the valve will be seriously abraded by the pulverized coal.

The ceramic double disc gate valve and pneumatic ceramic rotary gate valve are offered to solve the problem mentioned above. The longer service life reduces the loss related to valve replacement.

4. Ceramic ball valve
The desulfurizing system, which is built to reduce environmental pollution, generally uses limestone for desulfurization. The corrosivity and abrasivity of the medium will damage the valve.

Installed with our ceramic ball valve, the desulfurizing system can operate efficiently. The abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance of our product is helpful to extend the service life of your system.

Quanshun is willing to provide customized solution from the aspects like valve selection, design, manufacture, application and after-sale service.

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