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Valve in Coal Chemical Industry

Coal chemical industry transforms the coal into various kinds of fuels and chemical products through hot working and catalytic process. During production, the ultrahard solid particles containing large amount of thick liquid will deposit in the valve, or block the valve. The scale formation is difficult to be removed.

For coal chemical industry, since the medium is dust and water, it is very easy for the medium to get deposited at the inlet and outlet of the chilled water pump, high pressure return water pump and low pressure return water pump. Meanwhile, the operation frequency of the valve at the said location is low. So the scale formation is quite serious due to the inaction of the product.

In order to solve this problem, our company developed a series of products which are widely used in the coal chemical industry, including half ball valve, dump valve for coal slurry control, etc.


1. Half ball valve-Inlet and outlet of chilled water pump, dust and water circulating pump, high and low pressure dust and water pump, high and low pressure coal slurry pump, filter for coal gasification device, as well as the pipeline for black water, and dust and water.

2. Dump valve for coal slurry control installed at the bottom of the coal slurry tank

Ceramic ball valve-Reaction still