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    1. Trunnion mounted ball valveThe fixed ball valve is a kind of common product applied in the condition with high pressure and large diameter for the medium like water, steam, oil, and other kind of corrosive medium.
    1. Floating Ball valve

      This range of pneumatic floating ball valve is provided with anti-static structure. The spring-plunger type static extraction ...

    1. Wedge Gate ValveThe closure member of the wedge gate valve is wedge disc. Besides the flow control on water, steam, oil, gas and other corrosive medium, the pneumatic gate valve can also be used in the environment with high temperature and high pressure.
    1. Resilient Seated Gate Valve

      Resilient seated gate valve, also known as soft sealing gate valve, is a commonly industrial valve for water works, sewage plants ...

    1. Knife Gate ValveAmong the several gate valves we have developed, this knife gate valve is specially designed for the flow control in coal dressing, swage treatment, food, medicine and other industries.
    1. Pneumatic Ceramic Double Disc Gate ValveIn the process of opening and closing, the valve plate can rotate automatically, which leads to the grinding and polishing between the two sealing surface of the flanged gate valve.
    1. Resilient Seated Butterfly Valve

      This product is consisted of valve body, valve disc and soft sealed valve seat. Capable of cutting off the fluid, the midline ...

    1. Metal Seated Butterfly ValveManufactured with three-eccentric structure, the metal sealed butterfly valve can be tightly closed. When opened, the sealing surface can be completely separated from the medium, which protects the sealing surface from being damaged.
    1. Needle Control ValveThrough the adjustment on the location of the valve disc, flow regulation can be realized. This product is very useful for the automatic system of alumina plant, power station, petroleum industry and chemical industry.
    1. Temperature and Pressure Reducer

      With special treatment, the throttle washer and valve disc will not get deformed under high temperature. The stable operation ...

    1. Steam TrapBy utilizing the throttling action of the multi-level nozzle, the condensation water can be changed into secondary steam through pressure drop. So, the reutilization of the condensation water can be realized, which contributes to energy conservation.
    1. Swing Check Valve

      Spherical connection structure is adopted between the rocker and disc, which make the valve disc of the swing check valve has ...

    1. Lift Check ValveThe valve disc slides along the midline of the valve body. Under the pressure of the fluid which flows in one direction, the valve disc will be raised up from the sealing surface of the valve seat. If there is backflow, the valve disc will return back to the valve seat to have the flow cut off.
    1. Silent Check ValveSilent check valve is an industrial valve designed to prevent backflow of media. It is applicable to control the flow of water, oil products, sea water, sewage and other pipeline systems.
    1. Butterfly Check ValveThe butterfly check valve can be used in the pipeline of the petroleum industry, chemical industry, hydraulic power and power plant. The medium can be water, steam, oil and other corrosive medium.
    1. ANSI Globe Valve

      ANSI globe valve is a type of globe valve that adopts a straight-through valve body and controls the media flow by the disc ...

    1. Marine JIS Globe ValveMarine JIS globe valve controls media flow by its disc moves up or down. It is a choice flow control device for corrosive media in the ship building industries and so on.
    1. Semi-Ball Valve

      Semi-ball valve is a premium double eccentric semi-ball valve we have developed with advanced technology.

    1. Y Pattern Globe Valve for Slurry Control

      The sealing surface of the valve seat and the valve disc is made of bead weld cemented carbide or painted with tungsten...

    1. The Tank Bottom Angle Valve

      The sealing surface of the valve seat and the valve disc is made of over laying cemented carbide or painted with tungsten carbide.

    1. Bidirectional Rotary Ball ValveThe unique rotational structure, as well as the sphere-conical sealing surface of the valve seat, makes for the self-cleaning, function the solid particle will be crushed when the electric-drived bidirectional rotary ball valve is opened or closed.
    1. Dump Valve for Coal Slurry

      Special cleaning device is offered for the valve body of the flanged dump valve, which can be used to clean the inside of the product ...

    1. Angle Globe Valve for Crystallized Medium

      There is a preheating device installed on the valve bonnet of the electric globe valve. The hot steam imported can ...

    1. Ceramic Knife Gate ValveThe ceramic knife gate valve is specially developed for the two-phase flow of solid and liquid. Taking engineering ceramics as the main material for throttling element, ceramic gate valve is widely used in coal washing industry, steel industry and mining industry.
    1. Ceramic Rotary Gate Valve

      Product with customized structural length and connection size is available. Pneumatic ceramic rotary gate valve has long working life.

    1. Ceramic Ball ValveThe hardness of the ceramic material can be higher than HRC80. The part contacting with the medium is produced from engineering ceramics, which contributes to the good corrosion resistance of the pneumatic ceramic ball valve.
    1. Sand Castings

      For proven quality of our sand casting parts, we have our own casting workshop which is outfitted with a resin sand ...

    1. Precision CastingsCommitted to producing high quality precision cast products, we also equip our casting workshop with a precision casting line which delivers an annual production of 3000 ton. The production line mainly consists of two 0.75 ton
    1. Ceramic Pipe and FittingsThe lining of the product is manufactured from alumina ceramics for engineering. The Rockwell hardness of the alumina ceramic tube can be more than HRC80. So our flanged pipes and fittings have outstanding abrasion resistance.
    1. Y Type Strainer / Y FilterY-type strainers are devices for mechanical removal of unwanted solids from liquid, gas or steam lines. There are two types available, namely the perforated strainer and wire mesh strainer. They are used in pipelines to protect pumps, meters, control valves, steam traps, regulators and other devices.