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Ceramic Pipe and Fittings

The ceramic composite pipe is consisted of ceramic tube, seamless steel tube and adhesion agent. Our company can manufacture custom ceramic pipes and fittings like ceramic bend, reducer, tee, and some others. Precisely engineered, our welded fittings have wide applications.

1. The lining of the product is manufactured from alumina ceramics for engineering. The Rockwell hardness of the alumina ceramic tube can be more than HRC80. So our flanged pipes and fittings have outstanding abrasion resistance.
2. As the amphoteric compound, the engineering ceramics will not chemically react with acid and alkali.
3. Since the density of the ceramics is just half that of the steel, the weight of the custom ceramic pipes and fittings is light, which contributes to easy installation.

Technical Parameters
Size 2"-12"
Steel Tube Thickness 5-20mm
Ceramics Thickness 5-8mm
Length of Compound Pipeline Customized
Connection Type Flange or weld

Our custom ceramic pipes and fittings can be used in power station, mining industry and metallurgy industry for transporting medium with strong abrasion.

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