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Semi-Ball Valve

Semi-ball valve is a premium double eccentric semi-ball valve we have developed with advanced technology. It is made based on our technical breakthrough which solves the difficulties related to the conveyance of “solid-liquid” and “solid-gas” media.
Features of Semi-Ball Valve
1. With a straight through body, this industrial valve, when fully opened, keeps the media flow in a linear way and reduces energy loss in a more efficient way compared with that of other valves.
2. Easy to operate: when opened, the valve disc moves away from the valve seat, without any contact. The starting torque is smaller than that of the ball valve, quite flexible to operate.
3. Due to its double eccentric design, this eccentric semi-ball valve is perfectly sealed and can be closed tight.
4. When the valve is closed, the wedging force helps remove scales on the sealing surface. Therefore, this semisphere valve is highly resistant to scaling.

Technical Parameters of Semi-Ball Valve
DN DN40~DN1400 2”~56”
Pressure PN6~PN40 / Class 150~Class 900
Material WCB(A105), WC6, WC9, LCB, CF8(304), CF8M(316), CF3(304L), CF3M(316L) and so on.
Sealing Surface Material Hardfacing alloy(coating for valve disc or the internal surfaces of the valve are also available upon customers’ requests)
Connection Method Flange, wafer, welding
Driving Methods Turbine driven, pneumatic driven, motor driven, hydraulic driven
Design Standards ASME, DIN

Steel Industry
This flow control equipment is mainly used for the dust removal system of steel industry.

Sodium Carbonate Industry
This semi ball valve could be used for:
1. Inlet and outlet of Ammonia I and Ammonia II pumps of carbonation tower;
2. Inlet and outlet of Liquid I and Liquid II pumps;
3. Connection pipe installed under the carbonation tower, to regulate/cutoff the flow of secondary salt solution and water, etc.

Coal Chemical Industry
The valve is usually used for high/low-pressure coal slurry pump, ash water pump, chilling water pump and ash water pipeline.

Alumina Industry
Taking alumina industry as the main cooperative partner, Quanshun has years of experience in manufacturing industrial valve. During investigation, we found corrosion and scale formation were commonly seen during fluid pipeline transportation. According to the characteristic of medium, our company has developed a series of valves with outstanding erosion resistance, anti-scale property and energy-saving performance, such as eccentric half ball valve, dump valve, needle valve, globe valve for slurry control, temperature and pressure reduction device, and so forth.

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