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    1. Swing Check Valve

      Spherical connection structure is adopted between the rocker and disc, which make the valve disc of the swing check valve has ...

    1. Lift Check ValveThe valve disc slides along the midline of the valve body. Under the pressure of the fluid which flows in one direction, the valve disc will be raised up from the sealing surface of the valve seat. If there is backflow, the valve disc will return back to the valve seat to have the flow cut off.
    1. Silent Check ValveSilent check valve is an industrial valve designed to prevent backflow of media. It is applicable to control the flow of water, oil products, sea water, sewage and other pipeline systems.
    1. Butterfly Check ValveThe butterfly check valve can be used in the pipeline of the petroleum industry, chemical industry, hydraulic power and power plant. The medium can be water, steam, oil and other corrosive medium.

Check Valve

Coming from China, Quanshun is a specialized manufacturer for check valves. The product offered includes swing check valve, lift check valve, butterfly check valve, and some others. Passing many international certifications such as OHSAS 18001, CE, API6D and API600, our product is generally employed in the pipeline of petroleum industry, chemical industry, and power station to cut off or control water, steam, oil and other corrosive mediums. If you are looking for the fluid control equipment, please kindly contact us for further communication. We are looking forward to hearing from you.