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Marine JIS Globe valve

Marine JIS globe valve controls media flow by its disc moves up or down. It is a choice flow control device for corrosive media in the ship building industries and so on.
Features of Marine JIS Globe Valve
1. There is a upper seal support mounted on the valve bonnet, which makes the valve well sealed.
2. A bolt is used to serve as a mid flange bolt, making the maintenance quite easier;
3. Sealed by premium packing, this industrial valve is highly leakage proof;
4. There are two types of this JIS valve, namely angle valve and straight through globe valve available for customers.

Technical Parameters of Marine JIS Globe Valve
Design and Manufacture Standards JIS
Size DN32~DN250
Pressure 5K~20K
Valve Body Materials copper, stainless steel
Sealing Surface Materials Rubber, PTFE, hard alloy and etc.
Connection Method Flange
Drive Methods Manual, electric, electric-hydraulic.
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