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Silent Check Valve

Silent check valve is an industrial valve designed to prevent backflow of media. It is applicable to control the flow of water, oil products, sea water, sewage and other pipeline systems.

Features of Silent Check Valve
1. Due to its streamline design, this non-return valve has smaller pressure loss;
2. Of short opening/closing schedule of disc, this one-way valve can be closed swiftly after the pump stops;
3. During the closing or opening of the valve, huge water hammer is avoided and the entire process is quite silent.

Technical Parameters of Silent Check Valve
Size 2”~24”
Pressure Class 150 / PN1.6MPa
Working Temperature 0~80℃
Valve Materials Cast iron; carbon steel
Sealing Surface Materials Rubber, PTFE, hard alloy and etc.
Connection Mode Flange, welding, wafer

This check valve is applicable to the outlet of pumps used in the water supply, water drainage, fire-fighting and HVAC systems.
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