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    1. Needle Control ValveThrough the adjustment on the location of the valve disc, flow regulation can be realized. This product is very useful for the automatic system of alumina plant, power station, petroleum industry and chemical industry.
    1. Steam TrapBy utilizing the throttling action of the multi-level nozzle, the condensation water can be changed into secondary steam through pressure drop. So, the reutilization of the condensation water can be realized, which contributes to energy conservation.

Control Valve

As a professional supplier in China, our company has 30 years' experience in manufacturing fluid control equipment. The control valve we offer can be classified into needle valve, steam trap and pressure and temperature relief valve. The reliable quality and the competitive price make the product quite popular with our clients. Our product can be used in the fields like alumina, electric power station, petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, steel, thermal power plant, and some others.

Moreover, we can also provide customized service for casting and ceramic components. You are welcomed to contact us for further consultation related to control valve.