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Temperature and Pressure Reducer

Newly developed with the foreign advanced technology, the temperature and pressure reducer is mainly used to reduce the pressure and temperature of the primary steam transported from power station, industrial boiler and thermal power plant. After treatment, the pressure and temperature of the secondary steam can meet the technological requirement for production.

Widely used in alumina industry, electric power industry and steel industry, the industrial reducer can be classified into pressure and temperature relief series, temperature relief series and pressure relief series.

1. The integrated design effectively reduces the length of the boiler pressure and temperature relief device. So the product has small installation space.

2. Designed with heat dissipation structure and thermal insulation device, the bonnet of the temperature and pressure reducer can prevent heat convection or radiation. Therefore, the normal operation of the actuator can be hereby ensured.

3. Produced with rapidly-installed valve body, all the parts and components can be disassembled even the valve body is not dismantled. So the maintenance of the steam pressure and temperature relief device is easy and convenient.

4. With special treatment, the throttle washer and valve disc will not get deformed under high temperature. The stable operation makes for outstanding guiding performance.

5. Every two orifices of the temperature and pressure reducer are symmetric to each other. The medium throttling is keep away from sealing surface and the valve body.

6. To reduce the operating force, the valve disc of the power station temperature and pressure reducer is offered with balanced structure.

7. Besides noise reduction, the silencer is conductive to secondary pressure relief. Moreover, the desuperheating water can be prevented from spraying to the valve body. So the service life of the thermal power plant pressure and temperature relief device can be extended.

8. The temperature and pressure reducer is offered with mechanical atomizing nozzle. By utilizing the spinning disc and the small holes, the desuperheating water can be fully atomized inside the valve body and mixed with the steam.

9. In case differential pressure is required, the throttle orifice can be installed at the outlet to realize the three-level pressure relief, or even four-level pressure relief. Moreover, the throttle orifice is capable of turning the turbulent current into laminar flow.

Technical Parameters
1. The temperature and press reducer is consisted of pressure and temperature relief system, water supply system, safety protection device and steam pipeline.

2. Technical parameters required for model selection of the temperature and pressure reducer
Q-Steam flow of outlet
P1-Steam pressure of inlet
t1-Steam temperature of inlet
P2-Steam pressure of outlet
t2- Steam temperature of outlet
Pb-Pressure of desuperheating water
tb- Temperature of desuperheating water

3. Accessory Equipment
According to customer's requirement, we can provide globe valve, bimetal thermometer, connecting pipe, pressure gage, tee, elbow pipe, joint, flange, gasket, double-screw bolt, nut, and others.

4. Design standard: ASME、 DIN

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Steam system of power plant

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