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Precision Castings

Committed to producing high quality precision cast products, we also equip our casting workshop with a precision casting line which delivers an annual production of 3000 ton. The production line mainly consists of two 0.75 ton intermediate frequency furnaces, and one 0.25 ton and 0.5 ton intermediate frequency furnace, respectively. It enables us to produce custom precision castings with a great variety of dimensions. The available maximum dimension is 1000*1000*800mm, and the maximum weight is up to 300kg.

Also, we have a spectrographic lab and a mechanical lab which are outfitted with a complete range of testing facilities to ensure the quality of our precision casting parts. To illustrate, we are available with lab equipment such as the spectrum analyzer, tension tester, magnetic defect detector, ultrasound flaw detector, hardness tester, and the foundry sand testing equipment.

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