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Bidirectional Rotary Ball Valve

The bidirectional rotary ball valve is developed based on the mechanism of the metal sealed triple eccentric butterfly valve. The welded ball valve can be used at inlet of the water pump, pipe network system, recovery system, high water tank, sewage system and the backflow prevention system to shut off or control the pipeline.

Our bidirectional rotary ball valve is well received by metallurgy industry, mine industry, petrochemical industry, chemical industry, electric power, environmental protection, municipal administration, and some others.

1. Designed with bidirectional sealing structure, the installation of the bidirectional rotary ball valve will not be restricted by the direction of the fluid.
2. Since the metal sealed bidirectional rotary ball valve is offered with self-sealing device, reliable sealing performance can be realized under the pressure from medium.
3. Powerful specific pressure of sealing can be obtained the valve is installed in the direction in opposite to that of the fluid. The pressure acts on/upon the valve seat of the bidirectional rotary ball valve. The contact area of the point of action is annular.
4. The manual control rotary ball valve has longer service life due to wear compensation.
5. The unique rotational structure, as well as the sphere-conical sealing surface of the valve seat, makes for the self-cleaning, function the solid particle will be crushed when the electric-drived bidirectional rotary ball valve is opened or closed.

Technical Parameters
Norminal Diameter 2"-40" DN50-DN2000
Pressure Class 150-Class 300 / PN1.0-PN4.0
Material of Valve Body WCB(A105), WC6, WC9, LCB, CF8(304), CF8M(316), CF3(304L), CF3M(316L), etc
Material of Sealing Surface Rubber, PTFE, hard alloy, etc.
Connection Type Flange, wafer and weld
Drive Mode Manual drive, electric drive or pneumatic drive
Design Standard ASME B16.30, GB/T12238

Water supply system in cities
Alumina industry

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