Effective industrial valve solutions

Quanshun is a specialized fluid control equipment supplier in China. We commit ourselves to developing and manufacturing the product with outstanding abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-scale performance and energy saving performance. The wide range of product we can offer includes ball valve, half ball valve, dump valve, needle valve, control valve, gate valve, globe valve, check valve, ceramic ball valve, pressure and temperature relief valve, and so on. Popular with our customers, our product is applicable for alumina industry (high pressure digestion and pipelined molten salt furnace), coal chemical industry (coal slurry), metallurgy (steel dedusting and coal powder injection system), sodium carbonate (carbonizing tower and heavy sodium carbonate transportation), electric power industry (dedusting system and desulfurizing system), nonferrous metal industry, water treatment, etc. Additionally, we can also manufacture accessories according to the drawings provided, including casting, ceramic component, ceramic pipe and fitting, among others.

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    1. Floating Ball valve

      This range of pneumatic floating ball valve is provided with anti-static structure. The spring-plunger type static extraction ...

    1. Resilient Seated Gate Valve

      Resilient seated gate valve, also known as soft sealing gate valve, is a commonly industrial valve for water works, sewage plants ...

    1. Resilient Seated Butterfly Valve

      This product is consisted of valve body, valve disc and soft sealed valve seat. Capable of cutting off the fluid, the midline ...

    1. Swing Check Valve

      Spherical connection structure is adopted between the rocker and disc, which make the valve disc of the swing check valve has ...

    1. ANSI Globe Valve

      ANSI globe valve is a type of globe valve that adopts a straight-through valve body and controls the media flow by the disc ...

    1. Semi-Ball Valve

      Semi-ball valve is a premium double eccentric semi-ball valve we have developed with advanced technology.

    1. Y Pattern Globe Valve for Slurry Control

      The sealing surface of the valve seat and the valve disc is made of bead weld cemented carbide or painted with tungsten...

    1. The Tank Bottom Angle Valve

      The sealing surface of the valve seat and the valve disc is made of over laying cemented carbide or painted with tungsten carbide.

    1. Sand Castings

      For proven quality of our sand casting parts, we have our own casting workshop which is outfitted with a resin sand ...

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  • Our company has more than 10 years' experience in offering maintenance service related to valves. The Quality Assurance Department devotes itself to offering trial run service, failure diagnosis, and parts replacement for exported valves.


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